Our Wedding Service begins by meeting you and getting to know your dream for your big day.

Together we will compile a mood-board, taking inspiration from the place where you are getting married, your wedding style, your passions, your great loves - picking out motifs that emanate who you are. 

There are many areas at a wedding that flowers bring to life - and with you we design the theme, the arrangements, and of course choose which flowers we will use. We then handpick the flowers ourselves, meaning we can be as creative and original as we'd like. We either come to you in our van and do all the prep and arrangements on site or bring the flowers already arranged - whatever suits the occasion. 

A simple breakdown of Wedding decoration areas: 

Bridal: Bridal bouquet, Bridesmaids, Button Holes, Flower Crowns.

Banquet Displays: Small - Jam Jars/Small Vases, Medium - Vases and Grande - Elaborate installation.

Ceremony: Pews, Windows Sills, Arches, Large Displays, Special Décor - Bunting, Ivy, Garlands.

Suspension Art: Hanging Baskets, Hanging Flowers on Ribbons, Suspended Flower Sculptures.