BBC Proms

We were delighted to be asked to create the flowers for the VIP Hospitality Tent for the BBC Last Night of the Proms in Hyde Park. The brief being thirteen different block colour arrangements set across fourty tables. The table centre's were round, and inside each sat a glass bell jar with miniature instillations based on famous eccentrics. 

Alex Wyldes Wild Hen

A gorgeous Hen Party Afternoon teaching lots of fabulous women to make their own Flower Crowns with Peonies and Roses and foliage. 

Morgan and Ben

Oranges, Peonies and exploding suitcases 

Elisa's Eccentric London Wedding

Photos courtesy of Luke Brown

Daisy and Danny

Gorgeous romantic and whimsical spring wedding 

Autumn Wreaths Workshop with Gypsy and Traveller Ladies

One of my (Clemmie)  jobs is working with the Gypsy and Traveller community in London. Last week I held a workshop making wreaths. As the trees are bursting with amber and gold we thought we would reflect these autumn tones in our wreaths. Flowers arranging is an old tradition of Gypsies and so we all learnt tips from one another.  Next month we will be making more traditional Christmas wreaths. We normally learn literacy and computer skills, but we will ditch this and get festive! 

A Kitchen Table Company

Following a summer of weddings and building up our portfolio we have spent the recent autumn evenings around the kitchen table. After a day working on our consecutive projects, the babies is in bed and we have popped open a bottle of wine - we have been plotting and design our new venture : Theatre of Flowers. 

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