Theatre of Flowers is a company of Flower crafters 

Whether you want a banquet laden with wild flowers, hydrangeas and dahlias cascading down the stairs, roses hanging from the ceiling, the scent of herbs as you walk into a room and crowns of peonies or cornflowers on every girl at the party. We will happily make this happen.

Each event and wedding is different and the colours and flowers used represent a little insight into the spirit of those throwing the party. This is why every job is unique and tailored to include all the special requirements you or your space might need. We collaborate with you in our designs and ensure we use our flowers and materials to bring out the themes and colours of your event. We encourage our clients to use flowers and plants that are in season and when ever we can we will buy flowers grown in the UK.  Even better, we try and include flowers from your own garden.

With backgrounds in fashion, textiles and jewellery we have an eye for colour and composition. With our playful imaginations we bring an unconventional approach to floristry.


Clemmie James is an artist and is motivated by stories. Those of people’s journeys and those caught in objects. Her jewellery label, Little Glass Clementine makes personal portraits out of life’s precious trinkets and her little theatre made from a Gypsy Caravan becomes a meeting places for community groups to bring their stories to life using puppetry. With almost 10 years experience of creating parties and events Clemmie has worked on almost all areas, catering, programming, decor and management, giving her a good idea of the thread that links them all to make a great do!  


Alice Begg is a designer of textiles, fashion and spaces. She has a passion for all things printed. Since her school days she has been transforming spaces for parties and events. Nothing excites her more than coming up with ideas and working out ways to build and translate them into realities. The medium of flowers came into her life through one of her oldest friends, florist Kitten Grayson, assisting her for years meant she learnt the best way you can - on the job. She also spent time working for top London florist Wild At Heart at Liberty London.